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Privacy Policy
Effective Date: May 27, 2019
This Privacy Policy applies to Fortune Horoscope and associated digital products. Some of the websites developed and owned by Fortune Horoscope may have a policy of their own.
Horoscope “the website”, “us”, “we” or “our”) collects your personal data. Your personal information is essential to maintaining the work of Fortune Horoscope and associated digital products for a variety of reasons. We rely on it to make our marketing and advertising efforts more conscious and relevant. It also enables us to create and provide content that you read and otherwise enjoy on our site(s).
Therefore, this Privacy Policy elaborates on how we Fortune Horoscope gather, store, use, and transfer the information of the users, of services rendered on https://fortunehoroscope.com/ (“our site(s)”) and our related digital products (“our products”).
This is a short list of the chief reasons for collecting and using user information:
  • To provide you with content that is highly relevant to you; to maintain a better user experience on our site(s)
  • To render the services you sign up to receive, such as daily newsletters
  • To perform marketing analysis and, by your permission or when permitted by applicable laws, to communicate with you via email and in other channels
  • To allow us to run advertisements on our site(s).
Careful consideration is taken to determine the ways to use personal information and to protect your privacy. Below, we will elaborate on the details. Alongside other topics, this policy:
  • provides information about your rights and our obligations
  • clarifies the ways in which we gather, store, and use your personal information
  • explains the methods we use to protect your information and our commitments to do so
  • covers our commitments to respect your rights and respond to the questions you might ask.
We will be making a continuous effort to clarify the aspects of personal information use for our users.
About us and the ways to contact us
The information gathered, stored, and used by our site(s) and products is controlled by Fortune Horoscope. Consequently, we take the responsibility for deciding upon the reasons and ways in which we store and use personal information. Should you need to contact us, please find the contact information here.
Personal information: what and when we gather and how we use it
Personal information is gathered automatically by our site(s) and products at the point of registration (when you sign up for our services) and during your visits to our site(s) and products. The information gathered is used to provide insights for our content creation, marketing and advertising efforts. It is also used to analyze the behavioral patterns of the visitors of our site(s) and products.
The personal information we collect includes:
  • personally identifiable information that directly identifies you and that includes but not limited to your name, date of birth, phone number, postal address, email address, mobile number. We may only share your personally identifiable information such as your name with other users when we publish rating tables or contest results;
  • personally unidentifiable information that indirectly identifies you and that includes but not limited to the information about the device you use to browse the web (such as your IP address – the numerical code that identifies your device and the country, region, and/or city in which your device is located);
  • marketing information about your marketing preferences;
  • other types of information that is collected through a survey method. Such surveys are conducted by Fortune Horoscope.
At times, our site(s) and products may include links to third-party services and sites. These services and sites have their own peculiarities of user information gathering and use that are covered by their own privacy policies. If you follow a third-party link and are transferred to a third-party site, make sure you read their privacy policy before you use the site.
What personal information is gathered when you sign up for an account at Fortune Horoscope
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